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DLE Client Corner: Feedback from the Best Customers in the Business

At DLE Court Reporting, we believe in a constant flow of communication between us and our clients. It’s mostly one-sided, as we notify them electronically of every step their job takes, as well as a notice when a task has been fulfilled.

As one client recently told us, “The emails and alerts are never a disturbance; it’s reassuring. You’ve removed the usual wondering on our end of whether or not a job has been performed. It’s a true time-saver.”

We love client feedback because it gives us an opportunity to improve our offerings and perfect our profession. We thought it might also provide insight for you during your decision process of which firm to hire. Here are a few moments from our most recent client conversations:

“We tell colleagues about you all the time, and let them know you guys are prompt, efficient, and very responsive.” Yes, prompt and efficient are adjectives we get a lot in our reviews. It matters to us to not only meet delivery expectations, but to beat them.

Our goal is to be an affordable option for our clients, providing above and beyond the quality of services that are expected. “Your services are amazing as you always communicate with the client, provide outstanding service, and are reasonably priced.”

Communication, communication, and more communication. We never want to be a nuisance in our clients’ inboxes, but rather a refreshing relief that the work they need completed is on its way. It is a constant goal of ours to notify as soon as possible so that all parties are knowledgeable of a case’s progress, and we work daily to achieve this as expediently as possible.

When we ask our customers to list any changes we could make to our services to improve them in any way, our favorite and most overwhelming response is always “N/A.” Not applicable. We aim to keep it that way. We love it when a client’s testimony includes the idea that “They always know the status of service of process, and promptly and efficiently carry out the task.”

The true test of any company is whether customers would refer them to their colleagues and industry peers. You can imagine this review made us quite proud: “We just forwarded your contact information to two other firms. Your efficiency is the best in the business. You even catch us when we make mistakes!” And then there’s this: “I recommend DLE all the time and have gotten attorneys outside my firm to use your services. I tell them DLE is highly competent, expeditious, and keeps clients abreast by sending emails with updates, including the status of the case.”

Our ultimate goal is to be the most uneventful task on your daily to-do list, so that you’ll never have to question or double-check your job’s progress, or worry about our effectiveness. Would you like the peace of mind the DLE Court Reporting team provides? Contact us so we can work together!